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1785 - Karapiro Gulley Bridge

Karapiro Gulley Bridge
Owner: New Zealand Transport Agency
Address: Waikato Expressway, New Zealand

Steel Pencil begins the structural steel construction modelling of the Karapiro Gully Bridge as part of the Waikato Expressway, Tamahere to Cambridge Upgrade

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1680 - Ngaruawahia Bridge

Ngaruawahia Bridge
Owner: NZ Transport Agency
Address: State Highway 1, Waikato River, New Zealand
Tonnage: 650

The Ngaruawahia Bypass will cross the Waikato River approximately 400 metres upstream of the existing Horotiu Bridge on a 125m long by 16m wide bridge. The design of this bridge ensures that the bridge piers are located on the riverbanks clear of the Waikato River waterway, except in times of flood. The soffit level will also provide navigation clearance and freeboard under maximum flow conditi

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1667 - Kaituna River Bridge

Kaituna River Bridge
Owner: NZ Transport Agency
Address: Paengaroa, Kaituna, New Zealand
Tonnage: 1100

The 150 metre long Kaituna River bridge lies within the new highway road from Domain Road to Paengaroa. The bridge which crosses over the Kaituna River at the newly aligned Bell road will consist of two lanes in either direction with access available for pedestrians and cyclists. When the bridge is complete the specifications of it will include 2500 cubic metres of poured concrete, 19,000 nu

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1659 - Lower Hatea Bridge

Lower Hatea Bridge
Owner: Whangarei District Council
Address: Whangarei, New Zealand
Tonnage: 340

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1640 - BR150 Pedestrian Bridge

BR150 Pedestrian Bridge
Owner: Queensland Government
Address: Woogaroo Creek, Queensland, Australia

This 40m long x 6m wide x 8m tall pedestrian bridge was built and delivered to site on time. The arches where developed CHS 406mm in diameter and are elliptical adding a complexity only tackled by those with special expertise. Guards and handrailing were also 3D modelled and supplied ensuring and close coordination was required with the civil contractors too.

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1547 - Waguba Bridge

Waguba Bridge
Owner: Exxon Mobil
Address: Southern Highlands, Papua New Guinea
Tonnage: 81

45m long x 7.9m wide x 4m high steel truss with metal decking.

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1539 - River Torrens Shared Path Bridge

River Torrens Shared Path Bridge
Owner: Government of South Australia
Address: River Torrens, Adelaide SA, Australia

Structural steel multi purpose pedestrian bridge.

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1529 - Goru Gumine Bridge

Goru Gumine Bridge
Owner: Eastbridge Limited

24m long x 7.4m wide x 3m high steel truss bridge.

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1511 - Mubi Bridge Papua New Guinea

Mubi Bridge Papua New Guinea
Owner: Esso Highlands Limited

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1536 - Matahorua Gorge Bridge

Matahorua Gorge Bridge
Address: SH2, Matahorua Gorge, New Zealand
Tonnage: 440

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