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1493 - Clarks Lane Footbridge

Clarks Lane Footbridge
Owner: Eastbridge Limited
Address: Clarks Lane, Hobsonville, Auckland, New Zealand
Tonnage: 74

The Clarks Lane Footbridge provides access across the Upper Harbour Motorway for both Pedestrians and Cyclists. The structure is based around 1 mast located centrally between the abutments.

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1495 - East Taupo Arterial Bridge

East Taupo Arterial Bridge
Owner: Taupo District Council
Address: State Highway 1, Taupo, New Zealand
Tonnage: 650

445m multispan bridge

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1262 - Mercer to Longswamp Bridge

Mercer to Longswamp Bridge
Owner: Transit New Zealand
Address: S H 1, New Zealand

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1225 - Tainui Bridge

Tainui Bridge
Owner: Genesis Energy
Address: Huntly, New Zealand

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