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1531 - SAC Carpark

SAC Carpark
Owner: Government of South Australia
Address: Adelaide SA, Australia
Tonnage: 534

Multi level structural steel car park building.

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1526 - Artists Apartments

Artists Apartments
Owner: P D G Corporation
Address: 150 Kerr Street, Fitzroy VIC 3065, Australia

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1508 - Westfield Sydney City

Westfield Sydney City
Owner: Westfield Design & Construction Pty Ltd
Address: 450 George Street, Sydney, NSW 2000, Australia
Tonnage: 1800+

The complete development includes the refubishment of a 10 storey office building and extensive new retail spaces over six podium levels.

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1473 - Melbourne Airport - Project Gates

Melbourne Airport - Project Gates
Owner: Melbourne Airport
Address: Melbourne Airport, Melbourne, Australia

The expansion of the Melbourne Airport Terminal 2. The expansion to increase the number of parking spaces for aircraft and also to allow for the larger A380 planes has a new concourse which further extends to a number of new gates.

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1461 - Melbourne Airport Terminal 2

Melbourne Airport Terminal 2
Owner: Melbourne Airport
Address: Melbourne Airport, Melbourne, Australia
Tonnage: 88.5m3 (Volume)

Displaying the power of construction modelling, Steel Pencil were commissioned to provide the precast panel drawings. This included fully reinforcing the panels within the model whilst full coordination with the structural steel and other trades.

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1449 - Gold Coast Convention Centre

Gold Coast Convention Centre
Owner: Queensland Government
Address: Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

Extension to the existing exhibition center. Consisting of 610UB columns and Ortech Purlins over the length of the curved roof.

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1450 - Melbourne Airport T2E - Project 1 Steelwork

Melbourne Airport T2E - Project 1 Steelwork
Owner: Melbourne Airport
Address: Melbourne Airport, Melbourne, Australia
Tonnage: 816

As part of the first steps in the revamp to Melbourne Airport the existing central core was fitted with an addition for the arrivals.

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1414 - 77 King Street

77 King Street
Owner: Kingvest Pty Ltd
Address: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Tonnage: 81

Steel Pencil were commissioned to help with detailing. We were set the task of completing the Ground Floor and Mezzanine Levels 1 & 2 whilst the original detailers worked on the higher floor.

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1417 - CSIE Radio Rentals

CSIE Radio Rentals
Owner: ISPT Pty Ltd
Address: Adelaide, Australia
Tonnage: 445

The new warehouse in the Charles Sturt Industrial Estate house houses shops such as Harvey Normal, Boral Timber, as well as Radio Rentals.

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1402 - Westfield Plenty Valley

Westfield Plenty Valley
Owner: Westfield
Address: McDonalds Road, Melbourne, Australia
Tonnage: 1670

The new Plenty Valley Shopping mall consisted of 10 interlinking structural buildings. Each size was roughly the size of a football field. It has a distinctive cooling tower located near the entrance.

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