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1649 - Didipio Gold Project

Didipio Gold Project
Owner: Oceana Gold
Address: Luzon, Philippines

Steel Pencil were contracted by the owner Oceana Gold to facilitate all the shop drawing, both structural and mechanical for the entire site. The proximity of our production office in Manila, Philippines meant that the client had easy access to information throughout the design and detailing phase. The project was managed by our New Zealand office which demonstrated Steel Pencil's ability to ma

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1615 - Minerva Gas Plant Stage 2

Minerva Gas Plant Stage 2
Owner: B H P Billiton
Address: Otway Basin, Victoria, Australia

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1614 - QGC Field Compressor Stations - Argyle & Bellevue

QGC Field Compressor Stations - Argyle & Bellevue
Owner: Queensland Gas Company
Address: Kogan Condamine Road, Southeast Queensland, Australia
Tonnage: 400+

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1613 - Queensland Curtis LNG Project

Queensland Curtis LNG Project
Owner: Queensland Curtis LNG
Address: Surat Basin, Queensland, Australia

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1581 - Lake Vermont CHPP Mechanical

Lake Vermont CHPP Mechanical
Owner: Lake Vermont Resources Pty Ltd
Address: Dysart, Central Queensland, Australia
Tonnage: 120

Duplication of the Lake Vermont Coal Mine, located 19 km north east of Dysart, Queensland, is underway. HVAC Industrial commissioned Steel Pencil to provide shop drawings for the mechanical platework located in the coal handling and processing plant (CHPP). More than 80 mechanical items were commissioned ranging from sump boxes to discharge and product chutes and sumps. The project is a good

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1519 - Worsley Efficiency & Growth Project - Shipping Silo

Worsley Efficiency & Growth Project - Shipping Silo
Owner: Bechtel Pty Ltd
Address: Collie, WA, Australia
Tonnage: 800

The bin was delivered in four modules with dimensions of 25m long, 9m wide and averaging 5m high. The average weight was 90 tonne for each module and was transported ‘breakbulk’ packs rather than conventional shipping containers. This method of transport allows for faster on and off-loading, improved safety and logistical ease.

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1522 - Worsley Efficiency & Growth Project - Marradong

Worsley Efficiency & Growth Project - Marradong
Address: Collie, WA, Australia
Tonnage: 2500+

2,500+ tonnes of mechanical chute and plate work for BHP Billiton’s Marradong Project in Western Australia. The mine will join the existing 51km overland conveyor to the alumina refinery, near Collie. The overland conveyor is one of the longest in the world and will increase bauxite capacity to 2870 tonnes (dry) per hour. Scope included surge bins, feed hopper, ROM bin and miscellaneous chutewo

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1468 - Boddington Gold Mine

Boddington Gold Mine
Owner: Newmont (66.67%), AngloGold Ashanti (33.33%)
Address: Boddington Gold Mine, Western Australia, Australia

Steel Pencil were commissioned aid in supplying the shop drawings for the Boddington Gold Mine. It is noted as the largest undeveloped gold mine in Australia.

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1453 - Lake Vermont Coal Handling Project

Lake Vermont Coal Handling Project
Owner: Lake Vermont Resources
Address: Dysart, Queensland, Australia
Tonnage: 538

Steel Pencil were commissioned to supply the shop drawings for the Lake Vermont Coal Handling & Preparation Plant. This was also the first joint venture between Thiess & Sedgman.

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1441 - Oxiana Prominent Hill - Tundish's

Oxiana Prominent Hill - Tundish's
Owner: OZ Minerals Ltd
Address: Brians Watercourse, Glendambo, Australia

As a follow on to Steel Pencils work on the plate-work section of the Prominent Hill Mine, Steel Pencil were also awarded the detailing for the Tundish's & the Skirts to the sides of the conveyors.

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