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Steel Pencil offers a range of services toward construction management. These can be tailored to your specific projects needs as no two projects are the same. Read below for a summary of some of the services Steel Pencil can provide for your next project.


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Building Information Modelling & Integrated Project Delivery

Steel Pencil uses tools and processes within an interactive model that represents the design, construction or operations of a building with the goal of improving cross-disciplinary collaboration. This reduces errors, double handling and mismanagement of any part of the process of taking a structure from design through to construction while meeting the requirements of quality systems. The integrated project delivery (IPD) provided by Steel Pencil offers more than just a construction tool. The model and information can be used throughout the life of the project for asset management, allowing owners the ability to manage their resource far beyond the construction phase of the projects.

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Residential Design

Whether you are looking to build a new or renovate an existing home Steel Pencil has the skills and expertise to design and turn your dreams into reality. Our experienced designers can walk you through the entire process and take the hassle and stress from your lives. We can leverage our relationships with main contractors to aide you will the build process also. We are Licenced Building Practitioners experienced with residential design and offer a comprehensive service we will tailor to suit your needs and budget.

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Steel Pencil can provide, through appropriately registered consulting engineers, design services to its clients. All designs are to industry codes and are certified.

With our extensive knowledge and experience we are able to add additional value by:

  • Understanding third party design intent
  • Understanding relevant building codes and standards, which in turn enables us to make informed decisions on what is required for many areas of the detailed design without continual requests for information.
  • Making suggestions on connections or design inconsistencies when we are requesting more information (RFI) thus reducing the time to turn the RFIs around.
  • Providing engineering assistance for beam sizes, spans, plate sizes, bolts, etc. that can save the client time and money by not having to pursue this information through other consultants.
  • Providing site measurements for additional works, clarifications or modifications. This entails surveying and detailing on site.

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Today many designers prefer to outsource their draughting work to allow them to focus on their area of excellence - design.

Steel Pencil has experienced design draughtsmen from all disciplines including, structural engineering, architecture, civil and mechanical engineering.

Steel Pencil Pty Ltd (in Brisbane) was set up to assist external organisations with this type of project work. Our preference is to build a fully integrated design model and subsequent documentation. However, we have the expertise to assist in documenting projects in various types of software to suit your needs.

This includes:

Revit Structural, Architectural and MEP,
Autocad and others.

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Shop Drawings

Steel Pencil specialises in the production of fit for purpose structural steelwork, mechanical platework and precast concrete shop drawings.

We are well known for our integrated approach working with EPCM's, fabricators, principals and consultants around the world. We own and use world leading software such as Tekla Structures and Prosteel.

Our expertise and knowledge in this field is second to none backed up by our proven track record in the commercial, mining/material handling and industrial sectors.

No project is too small or large having completed projects globally in excess of 10,000+ tonnes.

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Site Erection Assistance

Often the design does not take into account how a structure goes together on site. In fact sometimes components of the structure are designed in such a way that lifting into position would be impossible or impractical.

Steel Pencil’s knowledge of the design and of construction enables us to provide early warnings on potential problems with erection and suggest ways in which a structure can be designed to piece together that not only make it possible but also improve the erection process. This will reduce construction costs.

Regular site visits to monitor progress and identify issues that only a detailed knowledge of the structure can provide can reduce the risk of costly corrections on site. Early identification of potential problems and discussion with site crews can speed the process or erection significantly. (In those cases where a site visit is not practical, calling any Steel Pencil office, anytime of the day, will mean any issue can be resolved immediately).

An example of how this service can help could be with a structure that has complex geometry such as a bridge. As well as creating the general arrangement and fabrication drawings, the model can be extremely useful in developing the temporary works and for calculating weights and centres of gravity for the transportation and lifting plans. The model can also be used for surveying the structure during erection and the trial erection. A 3D DXF of the model can be used by the surveyors to check and record relevant points along the structure. The accuracy of the model and the control over the geometry during fabrication and erection are a major contributor to the success of a project.

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Estimating Services

Building an accurate and comprehensive estimate, for a commercial construction project can be a long arduous process. Steel Pencil’s estimating service can help you gain a competitive advantage by facilitating your preparation with an accurate 3D model to assist with:

  • An advance bill of materials
  • Construction feasibility studies
  • Tender submissions and presentations

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Site Investigations / Point Cloud Scanning

No more endless hours and cost site measuring an existing building prior to alterations or additions. Steel Pencil can carry out on-site surveys for new and existing projects to assist in fast and accurate flow of the right information to the drawing and construction offices. We use 3D scanners which provide accurate information that can be used in a modelling environment. We can liase between the consultants, builders, and owners to ensure that all information is available and your project is completed on time.

Point cloud scanning used with our integrated modelling process will save you significant time and money.

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Construction Animations

We provide animations and still images for all stages of the architectural process including concept, consent, and marketing. These include the following:

  • Exterior images and animations
  • Interiors images and animations
  • Concept
  • Resource Consent
  • Photomontages
  • 3D plans and sections
  • Night shots
  • Quicktime VR
  • Bulk and location (block) models
  • Large terrain models
  • Shadow Studies
  • Leasing Images
  • Satellite Earth to Site Sequences

We can do almost any type of project – Boutique residential, apartments, multi-unit developments, commercial, retail, industrial, resorts, hotels, office fit outs, landscape gardens, civic centres, public spaces, retro-fits and product modelling. 

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Steel Pencil is available to clients around the world. We have offices in Palmerston North New Zealand, in Manila, Philippines and Brisbane, Australia.  Click here for contact details.

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