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Steel Pencil are involved in a wide range of projects around the world chosen because of  their expertise. Below is a partial list of projects, or click on the links to view projects according to discipline. Remember to check back from time to time as this page is updated often.

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1419 - Oxiana Prominent Hill

Oxiana Prominent Hill
Owner: OZ Minerals Ltd
Address: Brians Watercourse, Glendambo, Australia

Located in SA, the new Copper - Gold Open Pit Mine was opened in February 2009. It will employ approximately 580 staff.

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1418 - Chaffers New World Additions

Chaffers New World Additions
Owner: Foodstuffs (Wellington) Cooperative
Address: Chaffers New World, Wellington, New Zealand
Tonnage: 36.3

Steel Pencil were commissioned to supply shop drawings for the additions to the existing New World. This primarily contained canopy area near the car-parking.

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1416 - Boulcott Hospital

Boulcott Hospital
Owner: Boulcott Hospital
Address: Boulcott Hospital, Lower Hutt, New Zealand
Tonnage: 49.2

The new specialist centre as part pf the private hospital caters for a wide range of specialist areas. The hospital can now carry out 4000 - 4500 procedures a year due to the new premises.

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1414 - 77 King Street

77 King Street
Owner: Kingvest Pty Ltd
Address: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Tonnage: 81

Steel Pencil were commissioned to help with detailing. We were set the task of completing the Ground Floor and Mezzanine Levels 1 & 2 whilst the original detailers worked on the higher floor.

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1413 - Hutt International Boys School Auditorium

Hutt International Boys School Auditorium
Owner: Hutt International Boys School
Address: Hutt International Boys School, Upper Hutt, New Zealand
Tonnage: 38.4

Steel Pencil were commissioned to provide shop drawings for the new auditorium which also featured an elliptical building to the side which will contain the chapel.

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1417 - CSIE Radio Rentals

CSIE Radio Rentals
Owner: ISPT Pty Ltd
Address: Adelaide, Australia
Tonnage: 445

The new warehouse in the Charles Sturt Industrial Estate house houses shops such as Harvey Normal, Boral Timber, as well as Radio Rentals.

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1411 - DBCT 7X BF11 Diverter Chute

DBCT 7X BF11 Diverter Chute
Owner: Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal
Address: Hay Point, Queensland, Australia
Tonnage: 11.3

Steel Pencil were commised to provide shop drawings for the BF11 Diverter Chute which is to be used in the Inloading Section of the Coal Terminal. This forms part of the expansion project and is the 7th since the terminal opened in 1983.

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1406 - Fonterra Waitoa Dryer 3 Upgrade

Fonterra Waitoa Dryer 3 Upgrade
Owner: Fonterra Co-operative Group
Address: Fonterra Waitoa, Waikato, New Zealand
Tonnage: 25

As part of the upgrade to Dryer 3, Steel Pencil supplied the shop drawings for the Packing House & the Oil Room.

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1405 - Maryvale Pulp Mill - Bleach Plant

Maryvale Pulp Mill - Bleach Plant
Owner: PaperlinX Limited
Address: MorwellMaryvale Rd, Traralgon, Australia
Tonnage: 416

The new bleach plant for the Maryvale Pulp Mill consisted of the main plant area which was formed of welded beams ranging from 900 to 1200 deep. There was also an office to the end of the plant. Steel Pencil also supplied all handrails and access stairs required.

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1404 - RG Tanna Coal Terminal Stockpiles 19 - 21

RG Tanna Coal Terminal Stockpiles 19 - 21
Owner: Gladstone Port Corporation
Address: Gladstone, Queensland, Australia
Tonnage: 30

Steel Pencil were commissioned to supply the shop drawings for the Transfer Tower THCC18B that is to be used on the new stockpiles 19 - 21. This included the platforms, tail launders and a number for inter-connected chutes.

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