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Steel Pencil are involved in a wide range of projects around the world chosen because of  their expertise. Below is a partial list of projects, or click on the links to view projects according to discipline. Remember to check back from time to time as this page is updated often.

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1741 - QCLNG Upstream Project - Bellevue CPP

QCLNG Upstream Project - Bellevue CPP
Owner: Queensland Gas Company
Address: Surat Basin, Queensland, Australia

Steel Pencil is awarded the construction modelling and detailing for the Bellevue Central Processing Plant, Queensland Curtis LNG (QCLNG) Upstream project in Australia. This follows the successful completion of other major works carried out by Steel Pencil for the same project. QCLNG will be the world's first project to turn coal seam gas into liquefied natural gas.

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1739 - Methanol Plant 2 - South Slide Access Platform

Methanol Plant 2 - South Slide Access Platform
Owner: Methanex New Zealand Limited
Address: Taranaki, New Zealand

Steel Pencil is awarded the construction modelling for the South Slide Access Platform for the Methanex NZ Ltd Methanol Plant in Taranaki, New Zealand

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1728 - Winter Gardens Glass House

Winter Gardens Glass House
Owner: Christchurch City Council
Address: Christchurch Domain, New Zealand

Steel Pencil were engaged to provide an as-built 3D model of the existing structure so the building could be assessed for seismic reasons due to the Canterbury earthquakes. This proved to be a very cost effective method to begin assessments.

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1724 - 337 St Asaph Street Development, Christchurch

337 St Asaph Street Development, Christchurch
Owner: Battersea Property Investment Co Limited
Address: 337 St Asaph Street, Chrischurch, New Zealand

Construction of a new two storey commercial building for Kirk Roberts Consulting Engineers on the corner of St Asaph Street and Barbados Street in the Christchurch CBD following the Christchurch rebuild. The Barbados Street building was designed to the new building code, allowing for additional structural earthquake resistance. The building was commissioned by The Right Honourable Prime Mini

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1697 - Kilmore Medical Centre, Christchurch

Kilmore Medical Centre, Christchurch
Owner: Nobby Holdings Limited
Address: Kilmore Street, Christchurch, New Zealand
Tonnage: 544T + 1,452lm purlins

The Kilmore Street Medical Centre is a new three storey building in the Christchurch central business district. The building contains operating theatres, day stay facilities and consultant rooms for a range of medical practices. Steel Pencil provided the construction modelling and shop drawings for the structural steelwork.

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1696 - Archibalds Showroom & Service Facility

Archibalds Showroom & Service Facility
Owner: Medcar Holding Limited
Address: 32 Tuam Street, Christchurch, New Zealand

Steel Pencil were involved in the construction modelling of the new showroom and service facility for Archibalds European car dealership.

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1695 - Wormald Factory & Offices, Christchurch

Wormald Factory & Offices, Christchurch
Owner: Castle Rock Properties
Address: 10 Mary Muller Drive, Chrischurch, New Zealand
Tonnage: 29T + 1,020lm purlins

Steel Pencil was commissioned to provide the construction modelling for new premises for Wormalds design and administration departments. The premises also contained a 375m2 factory.

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1694 - Orion Headquarters Building

Orion Headquarters Building
Owner: Orion New Zealand Limited
Address: 565 Wairekei Road, Christchurch, New Zealand
Tonnage: 111T + 1,028lm purlins

Orion New Zealand Limited owns and operates one of the largest electricity distribution networks in New Zealand. Steel Pencil were commissioned to construction model and detail the company's new Headquarters in Christchurch, New Zealand.

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1693 - Santos GLNG (Fairview) Project, Australia

Santos GLNG (Fairview) Project, Australia
Owner: Santos
Address: Gladstone, Queensland, Australia
Tonnage: 2,100T+

The Santos GLNG Project is a US$18.5 billion pioneering venture to convert coal seam natural gas (CSG) to liquefied natural gas (LNG) for export to global markets. It represents a major investment in a cleaner energy source for the future. The project involves the development of gas fields in the Bowen and Surat Basins, the construction of a 420 kilometre underground gas transmission pipeline t

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1692 - Christchurch Central Police Station (Custodial Building)

Christchurch Central Police Station (Custodial Building)
Owner: New Zealand Police
Address: 72 - 54 Asaph Street, Christchurch, New Zealand
Tonnage: 28T + 1,673lm purlins

The purpose-built 7500 square metre police station, built at a cost of $22 million, incorporates the Department of Corrections Southern Regional Office, as well as the Southern Communications Centre for Police and Fire Service emergency calls. The new Christchurch Central Police Station was officially opened on the 14th of February 2013 by the Minister of Police and Corrections, Hon. Anne Tolle

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