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Our Vision

Steel Pencil is dedicated to documenting engineering solutions for the construction industry through our intelligent Construction Modelling process. Principally this means that we provide solutions in an intelligent virtual model for any type of project and most disciplines, specialising in Mining and Material Handling, Oil and Gas, Commerical, Sporting and Entertainment Stadia.

Owners, EPCM companies through to Consultants and Fabricators around the world have used our services. We have documented numerous projects and worked with some of the largest companies in their profession.

The company had its origins as an in house unit of a respected company of consulting engineers.  The structural detailing business unit came from a drive in the 1990s to better serve clients by  “pre-building” their projects in one electronic model. The pioneering work done at that time proved the concept (now globally accepted as BIM - Building Information Modelling).  The result was reduced total costs and better management of the design and construction process. Steel workshop drawings were a major part of this “one model” concept and the shop drawing business unit grew, in January 2003, into an independent company, now Steel Pencil Holdings Limited.

Our passion for providing engineering solutions through BIM still drives us today. We believe that your best interests will be served when there is one electronic model of a project so that all coordination issues are managed during the modelling, not at the time when it is being built. This 3D model will mean that the project is only ever drawn once. Consultants such as Engineers, Architects, Mechanical contractors and the like will no longer have to spend time producing drawings which are then replicated by other trades such as shop detailers. This will enable the designers to concentrate on what they do best – design! Using our Construction Modelling Process an intelligent and central model contains all information required for all trades and be available for complete coordination.

One master model will mean no ambiguity. By the time subcontractors are appointed for trades, accurate information such as material take offs will be available which will provide clarity and precise information in aid of determining fixed project costs. It will enable every trade to view the entire scope of a project.  As a master project management tool, the model will be an intelligent database used for managing the project throughout its life, providing further savings to the owner and an asset management tool beyond the construction build itself.

Steel Pencil employs qualified and experienced staff and has an inhouse training and qualification system to grow our staff.

Our aim is to become part of your team and to improve the value of everything you do.

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Steel Pencil is available to clients around the world. We have offices in Palmerston North New Zealand, in Manila, Philippines and Brisbane, Australia.  Click here for contact details.

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Let us assist you in creating a valued BIM model of your project from our Construction Modelling process.

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